I’m looking forward to meeting everyone in the coming months and years as your new Club Instructor. My hope would be that everyone will share my passion of learning the game of golf and help make Charwood Golf Club an even more special place!

A little bit of My fascination with golf started at an early age; I have been involved in the golf industry in different capacities since the age of 9. Some of these roles have included personal golf instruction, club fitting, golf course maintenance, and tournament coordination. Due to these experiences and my passion for the game, I am qualified and excited to teach both beginners and veterans to the game of golf. After playing successful high school golf, I played at the collegiate level and honed my skills as an instructor and player at the Golf Academy of America in Orlando, FL.

After attending this academy, I went on to teach as an assistant and head instructor at facilities across the country. I then began cutting my teeth in Amateur Tournaments and Mini tours, where I placed several times over. My teaching approach to the game is simple, focusing on proper movements which in turn help to create the repeatable and consistent muscle function we know as the golf swing. One size doesn’t fit all. My personal philosophy is that everyone’s swing is unique and different and should be approached with this concept in mind. My experiences include: Golf instruction from long game to short game, club fitting and repair, course management, players mental skills, and decision making on the course. Come make Charwood your golf home and let’s grow the game together!

Please Contact The Proshop At 803-755-2000 Or Contact Andrew Directly At 803-414-7858 To Schedule A Lesson