Rules and Etiquette


  • Do not play from resident’s yards
  • U.S.G.A rules govern all play except where modified by local rules
  • Embedded ball rule:Through the green
  • Yardage posts adjacent to fairways: Blue – 200, White – 150, Red – 100, Yellow – 75
  • Each player must: Register prior to play, wear appropriate attire, and have own bag and clubs (rentals available)
  • No Personal Alcohol Allowed: It’s state law!
  • Fivesomes with permission from Pro Shop Only
  • Parents are responsible for all actions and safety of their children
  • Carts must stay on paths or use 90 degree rule (check proshop for daily restrictions)
  • Golfers are responsible for any damage done to golf carts or golf course.
  • Return to path at post in fairway and keep golf carts out of the woods
  • Maintain your place on the course or allow faster players to play through